About Olympic Adhesives

Founded in 1975, Olympic Adhesives, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of environmentally safe, natural, protein-based adhesives. With corporate headquarters located in Norwood, Massachusetts, Olympic supplies both natural and synthetic industrial adhesives and coatings products throughout North America. To facilitate quick turn-around shipping and a dependable supply chain, warehouse facilities are strategically located in North Carolina, Georgia, and California, insuring that you get the adhesives and coatings you need, where and when you need them. Olympic also has a significant presence in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and serves customers in 25 countries throughout the world.

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Olympic Adhesives

Olympic Adhesives, a Green Adhesives Manufacturer Launches New Information Site for Environmentally Friendly Adhesives.

Olympic Adhesives, a manufacturer of green industrial adhesives, launched a new website this month at www.olympic-adhesives.com aimed at providing information and resources for all natural adhesives. When specifying the materials needed to produce a product, eco-savvy manufacturers should consider not only their costs and usability, but what environmental impact these materials will have both pre and post manufacture. The life-cycle approach to product manufacturing considers many factors, including energy efficiency and consumption, environmental impact of virgin raw material acquisition, product performance, recycled content, recyclable characteristics, transportation and distribution impacts, use/reuse and disposal risks. Incorporating natural, recycled raw materials makes valuable sense when you consider the positive impact of reducing water and energy usage, wastewater production, and disposal in landfills.

“As buyers oversee the transition to ordering safer, greener materials for their manufacturing operations, costs are often a sticking point,” said John Murray, President of Olympic. “This is especially true for glue, a product most customers will never notice. But the fact is just being green isn’t enough. You need a natural adhesive that will perform to specifications, and can be modified as needed to accommodate equipment and machinery. If the glue you specify doesn’t work, your manufacturing operation comes to a halt.”

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Olympic’s extensive

Olympic’s extensive research has led to the development of high performance Jelly Glue which surpasses today’s unique bonding challenges.

We now offer Jelly Glue which produces a superior bond to Corona treated Polypropylene. Many customers throughout the world have achieved great results with these new products. For recommendations, further information and samples, call Olympic today at 800-829-1871.

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